Validation, Ageing and Dementia

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Using The Quran and Dhikr in Validation Therapy

I have used Art therapy with dhikr, khamdalas, calligraphy, and just the Quran itself or nasheeds to stimulate responses in our elderly muslims, chronically severely mentally ill, and especially autistic children. I have used the Quran most in hospital and hospice settings, and in any palliatative care circumstance. There is nothing under the sun more effective in neurolingual programming (NLP), EMDR, and other modalities that surpasses the efficacy of including the Quran in integrated therapy admixtures which has proven most effective.

Reflecting on the N.Feil's validation therapy

Imagine an elderly person swth Alzheimer's or dementia and based upon your knowledge of the symptoms what role can a Muslim Chaplain or counselor play using the Quran, Dhikr, Qasas (Narrations) and Ahadith.

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