Dhikr Bead Essay

Essay: Dhikr as a Therapy for Prisoners

Using the below quote and other materials in the previous secton, write a 500 word maximum essay on the value of Dhikr in prison settings.: Use APA format, and send via email. Your essay will be evaluated thereafter.

"Aside from the injury to their constitutional rights to free exercise of their religion, Sheik Rasheem, the chaplain at the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility, testified that inmates dhikr for spiritual solace:Q. Now are the adherents encouraged to dhikr outside the mosque area?A. For the — for its therapeutic value, I do instruct them. Sometimes you have inmates who have behavior problems. So therefore they need to change their behavior. And I find that the Dhikr historically has been used to change one's calm ... and harmonize one's behavior.... [Adherents may] giv[e] a personal dhikr for themselves in order to bring about some type of behavior modification." (Alameen v. Coughlin).

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